“I would not have accessed the NDIS without PCCS” said Helen, whose application was previously declined. With PCCS help, Helen’s access was approved within two weeks and she now has a plan and a support coordinator to assist the implementation.

Helen photo
NDIS approved!

“It’s the first time I’ve been out by myself in over a year!” With PCCS help, Charlotte used her NDIS funds to arrange an assessment, which recommended a dual-motor recliner chair and a bariatric four-wheeled walker.

Charlotte photo
NDIS help to get about

PCCS has helped reduce my pain levels, provided support and refreshed my employability. There are genuine people out there who actually do care!

Sophie photo
Genuine care!

I started to have hope and an avenue to create a different future. My wife and I are more connected, and my daughter is happy for the first time in years!”

Nick photo
New future, better connections!

It is the first time in a long time, where I feel heard and understood. I feel I now have the confidence to move forward, and connect with new friends.

Samir photo
Understanding builds confidence!

Having a good listener by my side connecting me to services that I needed helped me create a better future for myself and my son.

Angel photo
Listening, then helping!

My PCCS social worker was great at encouraging me on the journey and out of isolation. Social skills are like a muscle that needs to be exercised. Experience with groups helps build that muscle.

Rosman photo
Get Social!

I didn’t know there were things like this out there. Recovery might have been easier if I’d come earlier.

Janet photo
Discover supports!

I’ve developed a positive outlook to life as a result of socialising and being around other people who’ve gone through similar experiences.

Douglas photo

My PCCS social worker found a path for me, I couldn’t see it before but that’s the path I’m walking now, and it’s all positive! I have hope for the future – that changes everything.

Dara photo
Help finding my way