Challenge, Innovation, Variety

Workforce shortages in the general practitioner workforce, rising patient expectations and an increase in the numbers of elderly and chronic disease patients combined put increasing pressures on the delivery of effective primary care.

Following successful pilot program in 2015-2016, PCCS offers an innovative solution - a Transition to Primary Care Nursing Program for the more efficient delivery of primary care.

The Transition to Primary Care Nursing Program is designed to reduce pressure on GPs by introducing a new generation of Registered Nurses directly into the general practice environment. The employment of nurses in the general practice can result in benefits for patient care, preventative activities and job satisfaction.

What benefits the Program offers to GPs?  Image Waiting Room

  • Freeing GP time by assisting with:
  • Health assessments
  • Wound care
  • Immunisation
  • Clinical data management
  • Improving patient health outcomes by contributing to
    • health screening
    • patient education
    • health promotion
  • Practice income generation

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