Plus Social for Severe Mental Illness

Plus Social for Severe Mental Illness (Gold Coast, QLD) provides more options for people to manage their mental health. It ensures they receive the kind of care that improves quality of life over the long term by building support networks, increasing confidence and improving wellbeing. 

Plus Social participants are allocated a dedicated Service Specialist who will learn more about the participant by identifying their current needs and supporting them to establish connections with local services and community groups. 

The program runs in conjunction with existing medical care and is free to eligible Gold Coast residents aged 12-65. 

Plus Social is a tried and tested option for people who:

  • Could use some help to manage their daily life and health better 
  • Need access to local community services, but overwhelmed with where to begin 
  • Want to make social connections or find a new hobby, but too scared or not sure where to start.

Plus Social can also help participants tap into local supports such as: 

  • community services to aid physical and psychological health 
  • financial and relationship counselling 
  • housing, education and employment assistance 
  • accessing benefits and transport 
  • social interest groups including relaxation, arts and crafts and gaming. 

To access the program, seek a referral from a GP or Psychiatrist, or phone PCCS on (07) 3186 4000 for more information. A copy of the referral form is also available here (PDF format).

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