Don't be a pain in the butt

Dont be a pain in the butt

03 April 2014

New 30-second community service announcement tackles bowel cancer

Northern Sydney Medicare Local has today launched a 30-second community service announcement to promote bowel cancer awareness and encourage residents 50 years and over living in the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai local government areas to take the at-home screening test.

The Dont be a pain in the butt: do the test announcement uses animated black and white stick characters to deliver an important but simple message: take the bowel cancer screening test at home, its easy and painless.

With only 37% of Hornsby and 37% of Ku-ring-gai residents aged 50 years and over having screened for bowel cancer according to the latest National Bowel Cancer Screening data1, there could be people at risk of not knowing they have the disease.

Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer in Australia and screening tests are vital, because if caught early most bowel cancers are treatable, said Dr James Baker, Director Health Services, Research and Training, Northern Sydney Medicare Local.

Our aim is to normalise conversation around bowel cancer. We know that age is a risk factor, so we are hoping that this light hearted approach on an important subject will encourage people to have a conversation with family members, friends, their Doctor or Pharmacist, said Dr James Baker.

Because of its easily accessed online format which can be shared quickly, we hope viewers will share so it goes viral and reaches even more people with its important message, said Dr James Baker.

Created in consultation with consumer and research organisations focused on bowel cancer, the 30-second announcements urges those at risk to pick up a testing kit from their GP or Pharmacist.

The Dont be a pain in the butt: take the test community service announcement can be viewed at: