Janette Hall Scholarship winners announced

Janette Hall Scholarship winners announced

28 June 2013

Four health specialists in the organ and tissue donation sector will receive scholarships to further their professional development announced Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing Shayne Neumann.

The Janette Hall Professional Training and Development Scholarship will enable four scholarship recipients to receive specialist training and education, both in Australia and internationally, that will inform their future work and clinical practice, Mr Neumann said.

All recipients are required to share their experience with colleagues to promote broader awareness of best-practice approaches to donation and transplantation in Australia, said Mr Neumann.

The 2013 Janette Hall Professional Training and Development Scholarship recipients are:

Ms Megan Plas, Donation Specialist Coordinator, DonateLife Victoria, and Ms Bridget OBree, Donation Specialist Nurse, Dandenong Hospital to attend the Advanced International Training Course in Transplant Coordination in Barcelona, Spain in November this year;
Mr Heath Davies, a Tissue Bank Technician at the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria, to undertake a two part program: the International on-line Course on Tissue Banking, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, followed by the International Course on Tissue Banking, Advanced Therapies and Blood Banking in Barcelona, Spain in 2014; and
Mr Guy Vanderkelen, Donation Specialist Nursing Coordinator, DonateLife Tasmania, to observe and participate, as directed, in a Donation after Cardiac Death case in Victoria.

The Janette Hall Professional Training and Development Scholarship Program is administered by the Organ and Tissue Authority and was established in 2011 in memory of Janette Hall.

"Janette was a senior donation specialist nurse who became an organ and tissue donor after she died in December 2010.

Her dedication to organ and tissue donation is honoured through these scholarships, enabling health professionals to further their education and involvement in organ and tissue donation.

Janettes husband, Dr Simon Hall, said Janette was dedicated to her work for DonateLife.

For her to have the option of becoming an organ donor was never an issue, Dr Hall said.

Dealing with Janettes acute illness, supporting my sons and then watching my wife pass away was the really tough part.

Janette lives on in our hearts and minds but equally there is some solace in the fact that she has helped others and has given them the ability to live on.

I would urge everyone to have the organ donor discussion with their loved ones before any tragedy strikes as it did to my family and sadly many others.

For more information on the Janette Hall Scholarships visit the DonateLife website.