Better Care for Older LGBTI Australians

Better Care for Older LGBTI Australians

26 June 2013

The Federal Labor Government will provide new funding to seven organisations to improve the responsiveness of the aged care system to the needs of LGBTI Australians.

A number of projects will receive funding through the $60 million second round of the Governments Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants Fund, which will deliver $378 million over four years.

Minister for Ageing Mark Butler said the funding is part of a broader national strategy aimed at ensuring the benefits of the Governments $3.7 billion Living Longer Living Better aged care reform plan spreads to the whole community.

We are predicting a large increase in the demand for aged care by LGBTI Australians and we need to be in a position to respond to their needs, Mr Butler said.

Initiatives announced today include:
The National LGBTI Health Alliance will receive funding to support implementation of the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy.
The Gender Centre Incorporated will employ a Transgender Aged Care Specialist Support Officer to provide support to individuals and train aged care services to be more aware of the needs of older transgender Australians.
The Queensland Association for Healthy Communities will help form LGBTI Ageing Action Groups and provide open access to LGBTI awareness training to aged care services.
Living Positive Australia will train and support highly skilled team of older Australians living with HIV in Victoria as speakers dedicated to raising awareness about the needs of people with HIV with aged care providers.
ACH Group will build the skills and knowledge of staff and volunteers in Victoria and South Australia to deliver inclusive services for older LGBTI people.
The Aged Care Rights Service will reach out to LGBTI people across NSW with education about their rights.
Latrobe University in Melbourne will be funded to provide workshops to aged care services, coaching them through the steps involved in developing and LGBTI inclusive service.

This builds on funding announced previously, including a review the National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NACAP) guidelines and ensuring the Aged Care Complaints Scheme addresses LGBTI inclusion in its public and internal materials.

The project will support the Federal Labor Governments National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy. Further information is available at the Department of Health and Ageing website.