Upcoming new look for Medicare and NASH PKI certificates

Upcoming new look for Medicare and NASH PKI certificates

The Department of Human Services will soon change the look of all newly issued Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

The National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) PKI certificates, smartcards and USB tokens for individuals will also be updated soon.

The new certificates will help you easily distinguish Medicare PKI certificates from NASH PKI certificates.

If your certificate is due to expire, the Department of Human Services will send you a letter to remind you to renew it.

When you get your new certificate, you must install the software on the CD thats sent with your certificate. You have to install the software onto each computer that you use for the certificate to work. If you have previously used certificates on a Mac, you need to uninstall the current software before installing the new software.

The new certificates work the same as the old ones and will allow you to continue to securely do your business online.

If your PKI certificate doesnt need to be renewed you dont need to do anythingyour current certificate will remain valid until it expires.

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