Start2Talk: Online tool for advance care planning

Start2Talk: Online tool for advance care planning

Alzheimers Australia has launched an interactive website to provide comprehensive information and a six-step plan for people who want to prepare for their future healthcare, lifestyle and financial decisions.

TheStart2Talksite includes a number of worksheets along with access to information on advance care planning tailored to each state and territory.

Users can complete the worksheets online and save them to their computer, and to print them out to give to family and healthcare professionals.

Developed through Alzheimers Australias National Quality Dementia Care Initiative, Start2Talk is aimed at people with the early signs of memory loss or a diagnosis of dementia; the family or carers of people with loss of capacity; people who want to prepare for loss of capacity in the future; and health and community care professionals who want to promote planning ahead.

Family members and carers can also use the site if the person is no longer capable of making their own decisions, and there is a healthcare professional section that also includes tools and resources for patients inquiring about advance care planning.

For GPs, it includes a link to Alzheimers Australia's practitioner-focused Detect Early site, which has a tutorial on how to use the General Practitioner assessment of Cognition (GPCOG) screening tool as well as resources for pharmacists.

For more information please visit the Start2Talk websiteto access Advance Care Planning information. For links to other helpful online resources visit the 'useful links' section of NSML's Resource Centre here.

For more information contact NSMLs Aged Care Coordinator, Janet Smith, at 9477 8700 or

Start2Talk: Online tool for advance care planning