Palliative care resources for GPs

Palliative care resources for GPs

Listed are some excellent palliative care education and management resources. Attached is also the referral form for Hammond Care Palliative Services.

PEPA (Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach); aims to improve understanding of the palliative approach by organised 3-5 day clinical placements for GPs/nurses/allied health professionals to work alongside palliative care specialists/ services. The placement can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Funding is available to cover the loss of income while on the placement (up to $1140/day for GPs). Up to 80 Category 1 RACGP CPD points are attached to the placement.

CareSearch: The GP HUB on this website has excellent management advice and resources for GPs managing palliative care patients

Monash University website has information about good online training courses

CanRefer is a very useful service directory for cancer and palliative care services including the subspecialties of oncologists so that e.g. for breast cancer you can choose someone who specialises in breast.

For more information please contact Primary Health Care Integration Unit at or phone 9477 8700.