Palliative care is everyone's business - Let's work together

Palliative care is everyones business Lets work together

Death is a normal part of life. Like the birth of a child or a hospital emergency, palliative care services are a vital part of Australias health system.

From 25-31 May 2014, National Palliative Care Week reflects on our nations palliative care services, celebrating the people who work in palliative care and the quality care they provide to all at the end of their lives. These people the nurses, GPs, specialists, allied health professionals, volunteers and family carers are our unsung heroes; supporting Australians through one the most difficult moments in their lives with respect, dignity and care.

According to recent research conducted by Palliative Care Australia, only one in 20 Australians have an advance care plan in place. More worryingly, we are failing to discuss our wishes with loved ones with only one in two having spoken with their partner; one in four with their children; and one in 10 with their GP.

National Palliative Care Week is an opportunity to encourage everyone in our community to think about the care we would want to receive towards the end of life, and to have conversations with those closest to us about these preferences. Decisions such as where we would like to be, the type of care we want, who we would like to see and who can make decisions on our behalf if were unable to do so.

Palliative care is everyones business. No matter whether youre a partner, parent, child, friend or loved one, National Palliative Care Week is a chance to start a conversation on how we would like to spend the end of our life.

After all, you only die once, so you might as well have your say in it.

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Palliative care is everyones business Lets work together