NSML supporting GP practices with eHealth implementation

NSML supporting GP practices with eHealth implementation

Since July 2013 the Northern Sydney Medicare Local (NSML) eHealth team have been busy developing a package of training and support for the PCEHR in general practices within the region. Consumer interest continues to grow, demonstrated by an increase in registrations over the past few months.

After helping general practices become eHealth PIP compliant we found that some required more information on:
How to upload a shared health or event summary from Medical Director or Best Practice.
Software iterations and how they work in the general practice setting
How the PCEHR would fit within their everyday workflows.

To overcome these challenges, and in consultation with those practices eager for implementation support, we have established some training and implementation tips. NSMLs eHealth team now offers practice support sessions, tailored to the varied needs of each practice.

The sessions cover:

How to upload/download shared health summaries and event summaries into the PCEHR
Information on how practices can register patients for eHealth records
How to navigate the PCEHR for a better understanding from the patients perspective
Clarification on key facts and myths on the PCEHR for both GPs and patients
General tips for enhancing implementation around the PCEHR such as Data Cleansing and meaningful use for patient care.

We will continue responding to general practice inquiries as consumer interest generates clinical use. Likewise, we are contacting eHealth-compliant general practices in our region to organise a practice support session with GPs and relevant staff.

For further information please contact Clare Searson on csearson@nsml.com.au
For any other eHealth matters contact the eHealth team on ehealth@nsml.com.au
Phone: 9477 8700 or 9446 1241
NSML supporting GP practices with eHealth implementation