New research into HPV

New research into HPV

The Department of Health will provide funding for new research into the human papillomavirus (HPV), the source of cervical cancer in women, several varieties of warts and other medical problems.

The funding will be applied over two years and go towards the development, implementation and maintenance of a sustainable ongoing surveillance system. The aim of this will be to measure the prevalence of a number of versions of HPV in Australians over time.

The system will assess infection in relevant population groups, monitoring the impact and effectiveness of the national vaccination program for teenage girls, and more recently boys. Around 270 people die each year form cervical cancer in Australia.

NSML has partnered with Northern Sydney Local Health District Womens Health Service and Cancer Council NSW to develop a new resource to promote the Ryde Pap Test Clinic. To access these resources please visit our Resource Centre here.

For more information please contact our Primary Care Support Team at or phone 9477 8700.

Source: Australian Financial Review