New On-line mental health care resource kit for GPs

New On-line mental health care resource kit for GPs

There is a recently launched on-line resource for GPs from The Transcultural Mental Health Centre titled; Cross-cultural Mental Health Care:A Resource Kit for GPs.

This webpage was created to assist GPs and other mental health professionals to provide culturally appropriate mental health care for their migrant and refugee patients.

There are links to a variety of resources available, including:

  • Assessment guidelines and tools
  • Information on accessing and using interpreters
  • Translated mental health instruments
  • Prescribing medication
  • Information on specialist mental health referral services for migrants and refugees
  • Accessing Culturally Appropriate Counselling
  • Multilingual Mental Health Information
  • Information and Support Groups for Consumers and Carers
  • General Mental Health Information for GPs and Further reading

Access to the Resource Kit is via the Transcultural Mental Health Centre website or via the direct page link above.

For further information please contact Jennifer Herron (GP Program Officer) at TMHC by email phone 1800 648 911