New adult immunisation records

New adult immunisation records

There is now a downloadable form to record all adult immunisations. The red and white card can only be used by health workers and students on clinical placements. All other adults need to record their vaccinations (except Yellow fever) on this form. This can include travel vaccinations and Boostrix for new parents and can be kept by the adult for record keeping purposes.This form can be downloaded from NSW Ministry of Health website foundhere.

Note: This is a general resource for recording of adult vaccinations

1. Health care workers/heath students undertaking work or clinical placements in NSW health facilities must use the health care worker/student vaccination record card available from the Better Health Centre on (02) 9887 5450.

2. Not all vaccines listed here are required or recommended for each individual. Please consult your doctor.

3. Not all vaccines listed here are free under the Australian National Immunisation Program.

4. Travel vaccinations may be recorded under other, but Yellow Fever vaccinations must only be recorded on the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis.

For more information please contact your Primary Care Support Team at or phone 9477 8700.