Improving the management of diabetes in the Chinese community

Improving the management of diabetes in the Chinese community

The NSML in partnership with Australian Primary Care Collaboratives(APCC) and local Chinese Health Service providers have been workingcollaboratively for 12 months with the aim to Improving themanagement of diabetes, in the Chinese community in the NSML area, byincreasing the number and/or range of culturally appropriate servicesavailable by September 2013.

The following key objectives have been delivered:

Availability of diabetic education services, their capacities, and service gaps have been identified and an increase in information about access to services has been achieved.

Options for increasing the number or range of services and ensuring simple referral pathways, required identification of Chinese speaking health service providers and engagement in meaningful discussions around accessibility of information and services. These discussions identified previously unknown service providers and produced local intelligence about local service gaps and local peoples needs.

NSML offered diabetes education scholarship opportunities for Chinese speaking nurses, to up-skill local health professionals who have an interest in diabetes and could improve access to diabetes monitoring through nurse led diabetic clinics.

A workshop and round table discussions were facilitated for Chinese health care service providers to come together to strengthen the local clinical network and to share learning and understanding of shared priorities and challenges.

A service directory has been developed for the Chinese community and will be available via the NSML website in October.

The collaboration between all partners was successful in delivering overall better access to information about available service providers and previously unknown accessible services.

For more information please contact the Primary Care Support Team at or phone 9477 8700.