Get your kids fit and healthy for summer with Go4Fun

Get your kids fit and healthy for summer with Go4Fun

Go4Fun is a FREE community-based child obesity treatment program for families with children:

- Aged 7 to 13 years
- Overweight or obese
- A parent of carer available to attend each session.
The program aims to improve the health, fitness and self-esteem of the children. Go4Fun is delivered across NSW by Local Health Districts.

The program is multidisciplinary incorporating elements vital to achieving long term behaviour changes, which include:
- Family involvement
- Practical education in nutrition and diet
- increasing physical activity

- Behaviour change.

The program runs after school, across one school term. Session are facilitated by qualified dietitians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and fitness leaders.

The program involves:
Nutrition sessions: interactive activities on nutrition guidelines and food serving sizes; nutrition targets; label reading and a supermarket tour; menu planning and recipes; and guidelines for eating out and parties.
Mind sessions: discussions on talking about weight goals and rewards; external triggers; modelling; and problem solving.
Exercise sessions: fun games and activities for children to increase fitness, movement skills and team building.

Success to date:

Go4Fun is an evidence based program, producing excellent results that are clinically significant. Program results show children participating in the Go4Fun program, during the course of the ten weeks, achieve on average:

1.7cm reduction in waist circumference
O.7kg/m2 reduction in Body Mass lndex
3.6 hours per week increase in time spent being physically active
5.5 hour decrease in time spent in sedentary activities

An increase in fitness and self-esteem.

During the period of July 2011 to June 2013 over 300 Go4Fun programs have been delivered across NSW, engaging more than 2600 families.

For more information on health promotion, please contact Karen Solomons, Allied Health Delivery Officer, at or phone 9477 8700.