Five tips to reduce health and safety risk

Five tips to reduce health and safety risk

The Health & Safety Handbook website has tips to reduce the risk of overtime in your workplace:

check any relevant industrial instrument (ie. modern award, NES) or employment contract for stipulations about requesting a worker to work additional hours or overtime

determine whether your request for the worker to work additional hours is reasonable

monitor the hours worked by your workers to ensure they are not excessive and do not pose a health and safety risk to the worker or others (e.g. risk of fatigue)

develop and implement a policy which stipulates the number of hours your workers may work and ensures that any additional hours or overtime worked is with approval of supervisors or management

develop and implement procedures that manage the risks that may arise from your workers working longer hours (ie. shift rotation, increasing the number of workers, training workers in fatigue management, implementing shift handover processes, etc).

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Five tips to reduce health and safety risk