Electronic transfer of prescriptions

Electronic transfer of prescriptions

The eHealth Practice Incentive Payment program (ePIP) that commenced 1 February 2013 includes the requirement that the majority of prescriptions will be sent electronically to a Commonwealth approved prescription exchange service (MediSecure or ERX).

In most instances this will take place automatically in the background without requiring any change in workflow for the GP.

An interoperability agreement is in place between the two providers of electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP) services to ensure a practice only needs to use one of the services.

A barcode printed from either of the eTP services can be read by any pharmacy, regardless of the eTP service they use. Practices do not have to install and/or use the same eTP service as a pharmacy.

For more information contact your eHealth team at ehealth@nsml.com.au or call 9446 1241.