Earn CPD points

Earn CPD points

New online case study for GPs, pharmacists and nurses.

Gain an edge in managing older patients with type 2 diabetes by working through an online clinical scenario based on a 75-year-old man, with evidence-based best-practice information.

  • Engaging, highly interactive, flexible online learning.

  • Immediate peer and expert feedback.

  • Accessible on computer and tablets switch between devices seamlessly.

For pharmacists promoting safe use of oral anticoagulants

Want to know more about the safe use of the new oral anticoagulants and how they compare with warfarin? Complete the latest Pharmacy Practice Review and earn 8 hours of Group 2 CPD points (16 credits).

Updated CVD Risk Clinical e-Audit for GPs now available online

On completing this Clinical e-Audit nearly half of GPs changed their practice on the use of an absolute CVD risk tool when assessing patients and when advising lifestyle modification. This online version includes the latest Australian guidelines for the management of absolute CVD risk.

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For more information please contact Kim or Sandra, NPS Facilitators at kkindler@nsml.com.au or scollins@nsml.com.au or phone 9477 8700.

Earn CPD points