Body, Mind and Spirit - Living Well with Cancer

Body, Mind and Spirit - Living Well with Cancer

Cancer patients and their loved ones can experience Petrea Kings Quest for Life program at the Sydney Adventist Hospitals San Cancer Support Centre.

The Quest for Life and San Cancer Support programs complement traditional medical and surgical treatments. The Living Well with Cancer program has a life-affirming positive impact for both patient and loved ones.

Facilitators who have experienced the cancer journey themselves will teach practical self-help techniques and strategies to:
Increase physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
Harness the mind for healing
Meditate, relax, visualise and manage stress
Improve communication within families
Move beyond difficult emotions
Manage symptoms and side-effects of treatments
Create restful, healing sleep
Better manage pain
Live in the present
Achieve clarity, calm and peace through mindfulness

The following dates are a part of the new program that will be running in July:

23 July
30 July
6 August
13 August
20 August

For more information please call 9487 9061. To register, please view the brochure here and return to Sydney Adventist Hospital (contact details found in brochure).