Benefits of participating in eHealth

Benefits of participating in eHealth

Did you know?

Over 80 General Practices in the Northern Sydney Medicare Local catchment area are now eHealth ready with many actively seeing patients with their own electronic health record. In addition to these 80 practices many more are participating in eHealth at other levels whether its by electronically receiving admission notices and discharge summaries from the local hospital, downloading pathology and imaging results or sending and receiving referrals from within their own clinical software.

If your practice is accredited but not yet eHealth ready you could be missing out on up to $50,000 per year in eHealth Practice Incentive Payments (ePIP).

If you are not accredited or working towards accreditation, participating in one or more facets of eHealth could lead to a reduction in operational costs for your practice and improvements in the quality and accessibility of your patients care.

Some of the benefits of:

Secure Messaging

  • Faster and more secure avenues of referral (ie. encrypted patient data sent point to point in seconds from within your clinical software to authenticated recipients).
  • Increase efficiency - no labour hours spent typing, printing, folding and putting referrals in envelopes.
  • Reduces postage and stationery costs.
  • Reduces the size of your database as you will not need to scan referrals into the system.
  • Eliminates the need to manage paper referrals in folders.
  • Saves time by not having to decipher hand-written information referrals are clear and legible.
  • Saves time by not having to call other practices to locate lost referrals.
  • Reduces the number of queries between referrer and referee and ensure that the right patient information is held in the right place.
  • Improves communication between General Practitioners and specialists due to the more timely availability of patient information leading to improvements in quality and safety of patient care.
  • Saves time by not having to decipher hand-written information scripts are clear and legible.
  • Printed scripts can be scanned with a barcode scanner.
  • Less manual handling and duplication of data.
  • Faster, more accurate dispensing for your patients.
  • Generates scripts from within your own clinical software.
  • Reduces risk of fraudulent prescriptions.
PCEHR (Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record)
  • Centralised repository of patient medications, immunisations, medical conditions, allergies and adverse reactions.
  • Supplements your practices existing clinical records.
  • Ease of access patients medical record travels with them and can be accessed from anywhere in Australia.
  • Enhances information sharing and coordination of your patients healthcare between GPs, nurses, specialists, pharmacists and allied health professionals.
  • A new Child Development function will help parents keep even better track of their childrens early health, growth and development information.
  • The new Prescription and Dispense View makes the prescribing and dispensing of medication a safer, more effective part of healthcare.
  • Over time, provides better support in managing your patients health, including those with chronic and complex conditions.
  • Over time, increases efficiencies which may help reduce the number of unnecessary repeat tests, hospitalisations, follow-up specialist visits.
If you would like more information or assistance on how to get started please contact Helen Purdy at Northern Sydney Medicare Local on 9477 8736.
Benefits of participating in eHealth