APNA Best Practice Awards in Nursing 2014

APNA Best Practice Awards in Nursing 2014

Now in its eighth year, the APNA Best Practice Awards in Nursing aim to recognise and reward outstanding nurses working in primary health care.

2014 Awards:

  • AGPAL Award for Quality Improvement - Apply now
  • Australian Medicare Local Alliance Award for Leadership - Apply now
  • ASHM / NSW STIPU / Networking Health Victoria Award for Sexual Health -Apply now
  • bioCSL Award for Immunisation -Apply now
  • Bupa Health Dialog Award for Innovation - Apply now
  • Cancer Council (NSW and VIC) Best Practice Award in Cancer Care - Apply now
  • MSD Award for Chronic Disease Management -Apply now
  • TENA Award for Continence Care - Apply now

Application Criteria:

  • The nominee must be an Enrolled Nurse or Registered Nurse.
  • The nominee must be employed as a primary health care nurse.
  • The nominee must be a current APNA member.
  • The nominee must agree to being actively promoted in the media and at APNA events, and contribute an article to an APNA publication, should they win the award.
  • The nominee must agree to attend the 2014 APNA National Conference - Thriving Through Change - 30-31 May in Sydney either utilising funds from their award or self-funding in order to be eligible to receive the award.

APNA would like toencourageall enrolled or registered nursesto apply; remember that while what you do in your practice may seem ordinary to you it may be extraordinary to your colleagues. It's a great opportunity to earn some well deserved cash and you have nothing to lose.

APNA would like to thank the sponsors of the 2014 Best Practice Awards in Nursing, without whom these awards would not be possible.

For more information pleasecontact your Primary Care Support Officer on 9477 8700 or email practice_support@nsml.com.au

APNA Best Practice Awards in Nursing 2014