Comments, Compliments, Complaints?

We welcome the opportunity to receive feedback from you regarding our programs and services. 

To make a comment or compliment our work

Please email us at

To make a complaint

If you have a complaint, please either:

Email the details of your complaint to or
Download and complete the complaint form (under Related Documents) and mail to PCCS, PO Box 173, Thornleigh NSW 2120.

Our complaint process

Primary & Community Care Services, Ltd. (PCCS) has complaint policy and process in place to assess and aim to resolve all complaints received.

  • You may nominate a person you want at the service as the key contact regarding this complaint.
  • You will receive acknowledgement within 5 working days of your written complaint being received.
  • We will investigate your complaint and if necessary, will contact you to obtain further information.
  • We will contact you within a month to let you know the progress of our investigation. We will also contact you if the issue requires a longer time to process.

If we are unable to investigate your complaint, we will contact you and let you know the reason.

Anonymous complaints

All anonymous complaints will be recorded in the PCCS internal complaints register. However, as we will not be able to contact you to obtain further information to help us with the investigation and assessment of the complaint, our complaint process and possible resolution will be limited.


PCCS understands that the subject of complaints may be sensitive in nature and we respect your right to confidentiality. If external advice is required in the course of responding to your complaint, it will be sought anonymously or we will contact you to seek your consent. We may need to discuss your complaint with the subject/s of the complaint in order to give them an opportunity to respond to the issue.

Complaints - regarding your Healthcare

PCCS does not have the authority to act on complaints about individual General Practitioners, general practices or other primary healthcare providers.

PCCS encourages consumers with complaints of this nature to take the matter to the General Practitioner or practice concerned, who will assess the complaint via their own established policies and protocols.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint, or your complaint is of a serious nature, you can direct it to:

The Resolution Officer, Health Care Complaints Commission
Phone: 1800 043 159

Health Care Complaints Commission 

The Health Care Complaints Commission deals with complaints made in New South Wales, Australia, and acts to protect public health and safety by resolving, investigating and prosecuting complaints about health care.

You can contact by calling 1800 043 159, between 9am to 5pm between Monday to Friday, email or visit

If your complaint relates to the immediate health or safety of a person, you should contact the Commission without delay.