Who we are

Primary & Community Care Services (PCCS) is a local health organisation working to make it easier for people to access the health and community services they need. It’s about creating a smoother journey for everyone, including the people who deliver health and community services.

Our strengths lie in care coordination, linking and support services for people living with long-term health conditions and mental illness, who have complex needs.

We work in partnership with funders including Federal and State Governments and health funds, to drive positive outcomes in the health and welfare sector.

To ensure we’re delivering exactly what the community needs, PCCS is identifying where the health gaps are by talking to healthcare professionals, local councils, community groups and individuals.

For service providers, PCCS offers priority programs and services including a mental health program that enables GPs to easily connect low income or high priority patients to the services they need.

PCCS is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation.