Sign up for free supermarket tours

Sign up for free supermarket tours

14 March 2014

Local residents are embracing healthy lifestyles in the coming months through Hornsby Councils Healthy Living Festival, taking place between 20 March and 10 April. Are you one of them? Why not sign up for a free supermarket tour at Hornsby Woolworths to learn how easy it can be to improve your nutrition.

The Health Promotion Team at Northern Sydney Medicare Local (NSML), together with a local dietitian, will conduct four tours, each catering to different audiences. These audiences include seniors, men, budget-conscious, and families.

The tours will explain food labels and how to read nutrition claims. Tips will be given on how to find the healthiest food options, as well as how to make shopping for food easier.

Food convenience no longer has to mean take-away and packaged foods, says Di Sfiligoi, Manager of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at NSML. These often lack the essential goodies for vitality. Our short supermarket tours are a valuable investment in time and people can learn about choosing nutritious foods which they can also conveniently prepare themselves.

These tours cater for everyone in the community. People who have done these tours before, continue to be excited by their new found confidence as well as the free light healthy meal provided, handpicked by participants at the end of the tour.

Here are a list of tour dates:
Seniors 20 March 11:30am 1pm
Budget Conscious 27 March 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Health Conscious Men 3 April 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Healthy Families 10 April 12:30pm 2pm

To find out more information or to book a spot at one of the tours, call Karen Solomons, Health Promotion Officer, at 9477 8700 or email

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