New Anti-Smoking Campaign Stop before the Suffering Starts

New Anti-Smoking Campaign Stop before the Suffering Starts

15 April 2013

Health Minister, The Hon Tanya Plibersek, today launched a brand new wave of anti-smokingadvertising in the Australian Governments latest world-leading efforts to help Australians stop smoking for good.

The new National Tobacco Campaign Stop before the Suffering Starts highlights the immensesuffering people and their families can go through as a consequence of smoking related diseases like emphysema.

"Smoking is known to cause harm to nearly every organ and system of your body. Many medicalconditions caused by smoking can result in not just death, but in living for years of suffering with disabling health problems, Minister Plibersek said."

Tobacco smoking is still the single largest cause of preventable premature death and disease inAustralia it kills 15,000 Australians each year and costs the economy $31.5 billion.

"We want to let people know the health dangers associated with smoking and help to preventhundreds of thousands of Australians from suffering as a result of smoking related illnesses," said Ms Plibersek.

Advertising is part of the Government's strategy to reduce smoking rates to 10% by 2018, other measures include our world first plain packaging legislation and putting smoking replacement therapies onto the PBS.

The campaign's focus on suffering, as a result of smoking related illnesses, is an extension ofprevious Australian Government anti-smoking messaging and acknowledges the significantimpact that these illnesses have on smokers and their families.

Advertising starts today via TV, radio, online and in print and social media and runs through toJune 2013.

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