Cancer Care Resource Portal Now Available

Cancer Care Resource Portal Now Available

07 February 2013

Cancer Directory: Australias Cancer Care Resource Portal

Searching for health information online is one of the most common tasks performed by people who face cancer. Many begin searching on popular search engines rather than accessing reliable health information sites.

With so much information available on the internet, how can one tell what information is reliable and whether the host website is trustworthy? Unfortunately patients and their families can access information from non credible sites and even action information that may contradict the professional advice they have been given.

Following research and discussions with medical and health professionals Cancer Council NSW identified a need for one Australian credible online resource to rival Dr Google - This national website portal, containing only credible, current and complete cancer care resources that are published to a high standard, screened and peer-reviewed. The Cancer Directory has been created for use by health professionals and members of the public. All State governments, the Australian government, all the Cancer Councils, major health services and the large not for profit organisations contribute to it.

The combined national efforts put into the 2000 plus resources available on Cancer Directory is a huge step towards ensuring both patients and health professionals can easily access information that has been assessed and is targeted to their unique needs. It contains information in over 40 languages on prevention, screening, early detection, treatment, advanced cancer, practical support including finance and workplace guidelines, psychosocial needs, survivorship available in printed, audio-visual and electronic formats. You can easily download fact sheets directly, order them online and bookmark this reliable website to your internet favourites.

For further information or to request leaflets on the Cancer Directory please email: