Sexual Assault Service referral guidelines

Sexual Assault Service referral guidelines

The Northern Sydney Sexual Assault Service (NSSAS) is based at Royal North Shore Hospital (RHSH)and offers crisis counselling and forensic medicals to victims of sexual assault. The service can only see voluntary patients who identify themselves as having been assaulted.

Referral pathways:

If the patient has been assaulted within the past seven days, then the on-call sexual assault counsellor should be contacted to discuss the referral.

Contact through RNSH switch 9926 7111 and ask to talk to the on call sexual assault counsellor. Crisis care will be provided within a designated room at RNSH ED, and if a patient consents, a forensic examination will be carried out by the sexual assault worker. The patient will be followed up with counselling through the service.

If it has been more than seven days since the assault they are considered non urgent and can be referred for counselling through the day time service during business hours. The number is 9462 9477.
The NSSAS is located in the RNSH Community Health Centre building.

Patients can also self-refer to the service.

Patient Age:

After hours all patients >14 years are seen by the Northern Sydney Sexual Assault Service
During office hours patients 14-16 years should be referred to the Northern Sydney Child Protection Worker via RNSH switch