Safer S8 Prescribing - New NSLHD S8 script launched

Safer S8 Prescribing New NSLHD S8 script launched

All hospitals within the NSLHD district will soon prescribe their S8 medications on a single prescription format.

The hospital use only S8 prescription will be implemented from the 21 May onwards.

The barcoded prescription has enhanced levels of security that will mean in most cases a copy of the prescription will be scanned and saved within the patients electronic Medical Record (eMR) soon after discharge. What this means for GPs is that where there may be concerns that the original script has been tampered with, you can phone the hospital to validate the details prior to re-prescribing.

The prescription has also been redesigned with safety in mind and now specifically prompts the prescriber to document known patient allergies as well as their weight where the patient is a child under the age of 12 years. Prescribers are also required to clearly document their contact details and their expectation for continuation of the medication post discharge.

Please be aware that most patients will only receive a small supply of medications on discharge and will need to present to the surgery soon after discharge to obtain an ongoing PBS prescription where necessary.

If you have any concerns, issues or feedback about the new prescription format please forward them to the attention of Dawn Astles, Medication Safety Improvement Facilitator at NSLHD, You can also contact NSML's Primary Health Care Integration Unit at or phone 9477 8700.