Rare gastroenteritis cases in Sutherland

Rare gastroenteritis cases in Sutherland

Director of South Eastern Sydney Public Heath Unit, Professor Mark Ferson said the four patients with bloody diarrhoea caused by Shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STEC) bacterial infection were reported yesterday in patients from the Sutherland/St George Area.

Patients reported onset of diarrhoea between 6 and 10 January. All were admitted to hospital and are recovering.

The South Eastern Sydney Public Health Unit immediately initiated an epidemiological investigation, conducting detailed interviews with cases about a range of risk factors for infection.

Investigators identified that the common risk was that all four cases reported eating food from Kennys Kebabs at Westfield Miranda between 4 and 8 January 2014. No other common risk factors were identified.

NSW Food Authority today attended Kennys Kebabs to undertake an investigation and identified a number of concerns associated with food handling and preparation. As a result, the inspection of the premises the NSW Food Authority has issued a Prohibition Order which prevents the business from trading until further notice.

For more information please visit the NSW Health website for a fact sheet.