PCEHR opens up to other health care providers

PCEHR opens up to other health care providers

The national eHealth record system can now receive contributions from non-GP practices and providers. Until recently, only GP Practice software was able to contribute to a patients record.

Aged Care Facilities

On 16 April 2014, NEHTA updated details on software applications that can upload Shared Health Summaries and Event Summaries.

There are now six aged care software applications that can connect and view patient records as well as create and upload Event Summaries: iCare, Platinum, TCM (The Care Manager), Autumncare and Comcare. The latest release of iCare also allows registered aged care facilities to produce and send Shared Health Summaries.

Community Pharmacy
Community Pharmacies using Fred Dispense/Fred Connect (FDFC) and Aquarius now have full access to produce and upload both Shared Health Summaries and Event Summaries.

*An Event Summary is a clinical document that may be uploaded to an individuals eHealth record summarising one or more healthcare events.
*A Shared Health Summary is a clinical document summarising an individuals health status and includes important information such as allergies/adverse reactions, medicines, medical history and immunisations. Only a nominated healthcare provider can create or update the Shared Health Summary.

Current RACGP Standards require GPs to complete health summaries for 75 per cent of their active patients. Much of the existing information in the GPs local records can be used to be uploaded into the PCEHR. The more up to date and complete the patient data in the GP software is, the quicker the process will be. MBS items are available to provide this continuity of care with the PCEHR. The extra time used to document patient information in the PCEHR can be charged as part of the consultation.

For more information please visit hereand here.

A complete list of PCEHR compliant and compatible software has been published at this link.

Public Hospitals Connected to the PCEHR
There are over 200 public hospitals across Australia submitting discharge summaries. Check whether your local hospital is able to submit discharge summaries to the eHealth record system by downloading the link here.

If your healthcare practice requires assistance in any aspect of eHealth registration, readiness, connectivity or referral network development, please contact NSML's eHealth team atehealth@nsml.com.au or phone 9477 8700.