Are you a GP with an interest in adolescent health?

Are you a GP with an interest in adolescent health?

Request for Expressions of Interest - NSML is committed to connecting health professionals to meet local needs. To achieve this we are convening an Adolescent Health Focus Group.

The Focus Group will be integral in working with NSML to develop and implement strategies for Youth Health in 2014/2015.

Discussion topics for Adolescent Health Focus Group will include:

  • What challenges are GPs facing in service provision to adolescents?
  • Are GPs noticing any health trends relating to adolescent patients?
  • What referral pathways are GPs most commonly utilising?
  • What assistance can the new NSML Youth Health resources provide?
  • What strategies can be implemented to encourage adolescents and young adults to access GP services?

We welcome your feedback on this initiative. To view the Expression of Interest, please click here. For further information please contact Jade Kremer, Youth Health Worker at or phone 9477 8700.