Antibiotic Awareness Week 18-24 November

Antibiotic Awareness Week 1824 November

NPS MedicineWise is encouraging all health professionals to pledge to join the fight against antibiotic resistance. The pledge is now available online and a new app on the NPS MedicineWise website will allow people to add the suburb of their workplace to the national map of antibiotic resistance fighters.

Use our symptomatic management pad to help your patients treat the symptoms of cold and flu.

To check it out, and for other antibiotic resistance resources, visit

Read the latest independent information about antibiotic medicines,
Useful information on how to prevent antimicrobial resistance in institutional health care and community settings.
Learn why antibiotic resistance is a problem for everyone
Take part in a clinical e-audit on the management of specific respiratory tract infections(approved for professional development points).

Participate in our antimicrobial e-learning modules for the safe use of antibiotics in hospitals.

For more information contact our NPS Facilitators, Sandra and Kim at or phone 9477 8700.

Antibiotic Awareness Week 1824 November